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Founded in 2010 by Caterina Stefanoff, from Argentina, and Rodrigo Möller, with Peruvian roots, we are a circus theater company that invites you to live authentic moments. Experience the unique blend of skills and passions of this duo in every performance, where cultural diversity and circus art intertwine in a genuine way. Latin Duo has captivated audiences around the world with their direct approach and fusion of their rich cultural heritages.

Since 2010, they began their journey in artistic creation. With an itinerant approach, they have taken their productions to several continents, standing out on stages in Europe, America and South America, with destinations that include Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Ecuador, the Balearic Islands, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico. These works, which fuse circus, music, theater and dance, seek to captivate diverse audiences, providing authentic and memorable experiences.

Latin Duo fuses the circus traditions of Argentina and Peru to create a unique and exciting show. Rodrigo and Caterina, representatives of their respective countries, combine skills to celebrate the cultural richness of Latin America. Pioneers in the creation of inclusive and family-friendly shows, Latin Duo seeks to transcend borders, fusing technical skill with artistic expression. Their aspiration is to continue growing and sharing unforgettable moments that engage the audience in reflection and joy.

Caterina Stefanoff

Caterina Stefanof creator and circus artist with more than 15 years of experience.

Multifaceted, clown, acrobat, tightrope walker and orchestra woman. Her creations and productions emphasize improvisation and comedy.

Her training is formed by a team of clown, buffoon, dance, music and theater professionals.
She is a founding member of the Cia. latin Duo with which she participates in different stages in Latin America, Mexico and Europe.

Rodrigo Möller

He is a juggler, clown and circus artist. He has formed since 1999 with different masters of juggling, percussion and clown like Cristina Moreira, Victor Avalos, Jorge and Oscar Videla, Gabriel Liñán, Leo Bassi (Italy), Esteban Hernández (Uruguay) , Morgan Cosquer, Viktor Kee (Ukraine) and Biribinha (Brazil).


  • Street Music Festival, Satu Mare. Rumania
  • Straattheaterdrv Festival. Países Bajos
  • Frohnleiten Festival. Austria
  • Hier Setzt Festival, Berlin. Alemania
  • Waldorado Festival, Berlin. Alemania
  • Veregra Street Festival. Italia
  • Lolapallozza, Berlin. Alemania
  • Bamberg Street Festival. Alemania
  • Street Food Festival. Suiza
  • Theater Specktakle. Suiza
  • Kleinkunstweesen. Suiza
  • Mostra Trupe, Itapira. Brasil
  • Circus Festival of Laprida. Argentina


  • World Scenarios – Cuenca. Ecuador
  • Black & White Theater Festival – Imatra. Finlandia
  • Circus Festival Acirkaos – Islas Baleares. España
  • Velden. Austria
  • Pilsen Busking Fest – Pilsen, República Checa
  • Cest is d´Best, Zagreb – Croacia
  • Yo me Rio Cuarto, Cordoba – Argentina
  • Bajazzo – Alemania
  • Theater Marathon of Chascomus – Argentina


  • FICI, Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • International mime and theater meeting, Salta Argentina


  • Scenic marathon from Rosario to the world, virtual format
  • Mostra Trupe, Brasil – virtual format


  • Theater Specktakle – Suiza
  • Puppets Occupy Street – Craiova, Rumania
  • Pflazterzauber, Hildesheim, Alemania
  • Kultur auf der Strasse, Ulm – Alemania
  • Berlin Lcaht, Berlin – Alemania


  • International Festival of Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • Festival de circo do Brasil, Recife – Brasil
  • International Circus Festival, Montevideo – Uruguay
  • Circuito SESC das artes, San Pablo – Brasil
  • National Theater Institute Catalog – Argentina


  • International mime and circus meeting, Salta – Argentina
  • National Theater Institute Catalog – Argentina


  • Interlaken Jahre, Suiza
  • Theater Specktakel, Suiza
  • Patron Saint Festivities, Vitoria, España


  • Mexican Convention
  • Circus Festival of Linares, Monterrey – México
  • Circus Festival of Ceara – Brasil
  • Right Foot Festival, Lima – Peru
  • Circus Festival of Ozomatli – México
  • Festival of Rodara, Puebla – México
  • Laughter Festival, DF – México
  • Festmar, Aracati – Brasil


  • Circus Festival of Ceara, Fortaleza – Brasil
  • Arts Week Génicas Sesc – Brasil
  • Festival dos Inhamuns, Fortaleza
  • Festival Payasadas, Rosario – Argentina