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Created and played by Caterina Stefanoff y Rodrigo Möller

Combining Argentinian and Peruvian influences, a show composed of clown acts, artistry and live music is created – and engagement with the audience spices it up.
Showing astonishing ability and always full of surprises, this inseparable duo invites us to laugh and to reflect, and fills the audience with awe and emotion.
Words are left behind, the music changes with the scenery, and the artist forms a unique connection with every single member of the audience.

Nora, clown and crazy musician, born in a bubble, is putting his partner in trouble, Cholo, supreme juggler. El Cholo will performs in one of the most striking skills: pique balls. Among rebounds and rebounding she is attracted. She wants conquer him but commits again and again clumsiness. Through various actions, she tries her true vocation: the saxophone. So will begin a restless concert. A unique show to see, feel and enjoy.

This show can be performed in rooms as well as in open spaces.


It is suitable for all public.
DURATION: 55 minuts


A scenic space of 5 x 5 m is needed. Minimum height of 4 mts.


We have an autonomous battery sound and also a sound to electricity with their microphones.


If it is done at night it is necessary a minimum of 6 par 500 depending on the light intensity of the environment.