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Created and played by Caterina Stefanoff y Rodrigo Möller

Discover an authentic show that fuses Argentine and Peruvian traditions through clowning, manipulation and live music. This concert, characterized by the complicity with the audience, is developed with strong doses of improvisation and authenticity.

On stage, spontaneous juggling, the sparkling comedy of a female band and unexpected moments intertwine, defying expectations. This dynamic duo offers more than just a show; they provide a genuine performing arts experience, where laughter and emotion merge in a unique presentation.

Step into a concert that breaks with convention, promising entertainment and real connections.

This show can be performed in rooms as well as in open spaces.


It is suitable for all public.
DURATION: 55 minuts


A scenic space of 5 x 5 m is needed. Minimum height of 4 mts.


We have an autonomous battery sound and also a sound to electricity with their microphones.


If it is done at night it is necessary a minimum of 6 par 500 depending on the light intensity of the environment.